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What is the Z-value?

If you are only asked for your weight when adjusting your skis in a ski rental business, it is better to reconsider. In fact you will need the Z-Value, which is a value according to ISO standard 11088 and the so-called release force setting for ski bindings. It is displayed on the DIN setting (toe and heel binding) and is calculated using the following data.Età

  • Age

  • Weight

  • Skiing skills

  • Height

  • Ski boot sole length.

This data must be correct – so don't cheat 😉

The calculated Z-Value for the binding setting is an initial value for the setting. A correct adjustment of the binding can only be guaranteed a er successful verification with a ski binding tester! Therefore make sure the ski rental workshop of your choice has and uses such a device.

You should also know that the actual Z-value may differ from the Z-value determined, due to the ski boot characteristics, so annual checks for skis and boots are recommended.

pic. IDM Südtirol - Alex Filz


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