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DO NOT wax skis at the end of the season

At the end of the season, many skiers make a mistake: they wax their skis to protect the base. We'll tell you why this is not a good idea and why it would be better to save the money for waxing the skis for the next season.

A er the last day on the slopes, it is recommended to clean your skis from snow and dirt, dry them well and store them in a dry, dust-free room at a temperature between 10° to 30° C. This will prevent the edges from rusting.

If your skis need to be serviced, it is better to do it just before the next winter season. Why? Waxed edges are more likely to rust and therefore the effort and costs of the ski service would have been in vain.

pic. IDM Südtirol - Alex Filz


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