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The correct adjustment of the bindings is not possible by knowing only the body weight of the skier, but by calculating the Z Value (from height, weight, age, skiing ability and sole length), by electronically testing the ski bindings, by the right contact pressure and, last but not least, by the ski boot itself ...

We take our time, check the ski bindings carefully,

conscientious and standard-compliant.

Goals & Philosophy

Many skiers, and unfortunately also many ski rentals, do not know how to adjust a binding correctly, how important it is to prepare skis according to the skiing level of the respective skier, that an electronic binding test must be carried out annually according to ISO 11088 and much more in terms of quality and safety.

We want companies to assume responsibility and consumers to be informed. Ski rental and service operators should be made aware that they have a great impact towards their customers in terms of safety. We want to sensitize

The technical equipment is a very important element for safety and must be properly selected, adjusted and maintained. 

More safety

on the slopes


If the skis are prepared with individual adjustment to the skiing ability, they ride (almost) by themselves and fun on the slopes is a sure thing.

More fun


Campaigns such as "Safety has priority" a  course for the right workflows in ski rental or training as a ski service technician in South Tyrol - here you will find our current events as well as helpful tips on the topic of safe skiing.

A good ski rental/service company takes its time, responds to each customer individually, gives valuable tips and works transparently.

 A better service


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