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The fact that the Südtirol Skis are only available in rentals with the "Leading Rent & Service" seal, guarantees maximum safety when skiing, because our members work according to strict quality criteria.

Available exclusively in South Tyrol

Tested quality &

a recognisable brand

What makes a

Südtirol Ski so special?

Thanks to the unique autopilot system fully integrated into the ski, the Südtirol ski runs as if by itself, and even the slightest control impulses initiate cornering.

  • Wood core: The special beech wood core ensures maximum stability and balanced driving characteristics.

  • Nanocarbon: High-precision carbon laminates provide immediate power transmission at the lowest possible weight.

  • Nanobase: Special base treated with nanoparticles for optimal gliding properties.

Rent and buy Südtirol Skis 

The skis of the Südtirol Ski brand are only available in the certified Leading companies – for rent, test and buy.

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