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Renting skis: what to watch out for

In South Tyrol, anyone can open a ski rental shop – due to the lack of regulations, no specific prior knowledge or training is required - and that's exactly where the problem lies!

Any amateur may lend you skis and (incorrectly) adjust them. A study conducted by the sports equipment technicians of LVH revealed that 82% of the ski equipment in various South Tyrolean ski resorts was either poorly maintained or incorrectly adjusted. To avoid this, pay attention to the Leading Seal, which guarantees quality and the expertise of trained specialists.

A reputable ski rental business regularly maintains its equipment, provides honest and competent advice, and selects rental equipment based on the customer's performance level and preferences. You will also be asked about your skiing habits, preferred slopes, turning preferences, and desired ski features.

A reliable ski rental shop calculates the Z-Value of the skis correctly, adjusts the bindings according to the ISO standard and regularly checks them according to ISO standard 11088 with an electronic binding tester. In addition, the staff undergo regular training.

pic. IDM Südtirol - Alex Filz


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