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How to get your skis ready for winter

It won't be long before the new ski season begins. Get your skis out of the basement and follow these steps to prepare them for winter.

pic. | Skidays 2023

If you waxed your skis at the end of the previous season, you should remove the old wax (base and edge) and brush the base.

Conduct a visual inspection: skis or snowboards with rusty and/or bad edges as well as damaged and dry bases must definitely be serviced. Therefore, make an appointment at a qualified ski service workshop.

Ensure a safe boot release in the event of a fall, by having the binding-boot unit checked annually and the Z-value calculated and adjusted. It is advisable to have this carried out in a qualified specialist workshop – using a ski binding tester machine.

Ski boots with heavily worn soles can impair binding release. Check their condition and buy new ones or rent some if necessary; especially since material can become porous and break over time.


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